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Topline Valuation Group’s services are designed to improve decisions at the corporate, operational and ownership levels.

Our valuation services provide firms with a reliable and authoritative assessment of their business.

A business valuation establishes a value for an entire or partial interest in a firm by taking numerous factors into consideration. Whether you’re buying or selling a business, valuing a minority interest, filing an estate and gift tax return, or negotiating a divorce or partnership agreement, Topline Valuation Group stands ready to provide you with the leadership required to accomplish your goals.

We recently added the Strategic Valuation Assessment (SVA) to our portfolio of services provided. The SVA is designed uniquely for owners and investors to provide a thorough understanding of value, relative to transaction structures and current market conditions, specifically for ARM companies. This is a more strategic tool used to aid in business discussions and planning only. The following video provides a brief overview of the SVA and why it might be a useful tool to consider.

Our certified fraud examiners (CFEs) will professionally guide you through the recovery of lost assets and effectively prepare for litigation proceedings.

Topline has certified fraud examiners (CFEs) on staff to provide their expertise should you discover someone you trusted is stealing from you. Our CFEs have experience preparing for trial, and have been admitted to courts as expert witnesses when testimony is required.

Our certified public accountants will serve as the chief financial officer (CFO) for a business on an outsourced basis.

Chief financial officers (CFOs) are responsible for managing the financial risk of a business, including financial planning, record-keeping and financial reporting to senior management. Many clients not only desire but require this form of senior-level expertise to strategically plan and lead their businesses.  However, many cannot budget for – or afford – to retain a full-time person with the financial expertise of a CFO because of the size of their business.  Recognizing this critical need, Topline’s certified public accountants (CPAs) will serve as the CFO for a business on an outsourced basis.

Some of the many benefits of utilizing an outsourced CFO include, but are not limited to:

  • Reduction of office space, payroll, taxes and fringe benefits
  • Increase in internal controls based on Topline’s external review and segregation of duties
  • No delays in receiving timely information because Topline will not call in sick or take vacation
  • Constant business monitoring
  • Diverse experience in numerous industries
  • Access to the most advanced technology available
  • Advice on cost-cutting measures to increase your profitability

Our experts serve as strategic partners for businesses, offering sound financial guidance.

Good decisions are a result of consulting with financial advisors who not only understand your business, but have also helped other businesses with similar issues. Topline will work with you or your internal financial experts as an independent advisor to provide the full range of financial perspectives your business requires.

Additional Tailored Services

Transaction Support

Transaction Support

• Fair market assessments

• Fairness and solvency opinions

• Valuation due diligence

• Dispute resolution

• Buy-sell agreements

• Valuations in bankruptcy

• Exit planning

Operational Support

Operational Support

• Financial benchmarking

• Profitability-by-client assessments

• Budgeting

• Business modeling and forecasting

• Financial consulting

Financial Reporting

Financial Reporting

• Purchase price allocation

• Impairment tests

• Tax valuations

• Fractional interests

• Stock option valuation

• Complex capital structure analysis

Equity Incentive Plans & Tax Compliance

Equity Incentive Plans & Tax Compliance


• Private company equity incentive plans

• S Corporation Conversions

• Charitable contributions

• Estate and gift tax valuations



• Dissenting/oppressed shareholders

• Lost profits and lost asset values

• Marital dissolution

• Damages in commercial litigation

• Contract and buy/sell agreement dispute resolution